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Star Follies is a unique Interactive Theatrical Experience, a Show for the audience, performed by the audience! Star Follies combines the best of Variety with the Spontaneity of Karaoke.

Mr Donald LeVange, Master of Ceremonies, your Urbane, Eloquent, Expansive Elegantanarium and Madame Bella Borgia, Queen of the Keys, of Doubtful Lineage, Uncertain Age and Light Fingers, are teamed to provide this Unique Entertainment.

Warm up with Music Hall Singalong and then take a Step into the Follies Limelight...

Choose your Song Title from the very Special Collection of Old Recycled Sheet Music out of the Archives of Madame Bella Borgia, dredged up from the Nation's abandoned Piano Stools.

Venue: to be announced
Performances: to be announced
Transport: to be announced
Tickets: to be announced

Bring your Mother, if you Care
Bring your Father, if you Dare
Bring your Brother, Sister, Lover:
Bring a Friend -- See You There!