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I have used Wikipedia to publish some factual articles about some things that I like. I have contributed to and updated many Wikipedia articles, but have researched and created others from scratch. Others have added to them, especially the Kathy Kirby article.

Reparata and the Delrons
Very underrated 1960s Brooklyn girl group. I have been able to fact-check and chat with Reparata herself, other group members and musicians, and some key people behind their records and their career.

New Kent Road
The street where I have lived since January 2006

Driscoll House Hotel
An old hotel across the road from where I live, which I was lucky enough to visit and photograph just before it closed.

Kathy Kirby
Retired 1960s pop singer who I discovered was a neighbour when I lived in South Kensington

"Shoes" by Reparata
A favourite pop record from my childhood, which has a backstory as cool and strange as the song itself