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The people who sent the original e-mails were only guility of being na�ve and hopeful: they had found what they thought was Prince William's address in WhoWhere.com. But the people on this page are something else: they visited this site, read the emails, then still decided to use the feedback address (now removed) to e-mail Prince William himself. At the time I thought it could not get any weirder, until people started using my live chat page to invite me to their prom... If my replies tend to be a little snippy, well, can you blame me?

from the old guestbook

  • Assalammualaikum. Assadualaila hak ila'allah wa'ashaduana muhammad dar rasullah. Prince William pleasa send e-mail everyday for me, because I like you. Bye!Bye!Bye......... W--------......

  • hi.......prince william......... i'm f-------- from malaysia.i'm 17teen's years old.i'm a girl and my religion is Islamic.And now,i in Form 5 at my school i want take you as frindship if you are like me.I know,you are busy.......but......i'm so sorry......about with your family problem. i like your clothes.....if i make mistaken......i'm so sorry.You know,William,i'll like a gentlemen thats means.......hefty i want you to know about me........i'm from Kuala Lumpur,M'sia.......i have attitude.thats means the best attitude... i like will older peoples and i'll like will a pet.......sorry William.....i'm not fluent in English......i hope you understand what i'm wrote for you.Don't forget write email to me.........i hope you are........can you give me your picture?phone number? address?your experience?........OOpps!!!!!!! sorry........

  • Dont u all think that P.W. is such a babe god i wish he was in my year and school!!!!! Well we have got a look-a likey in our school, he is a babe but such a w**k*r, sorry about that but it is true, he is a user!!!!

  • Hi ...... I hope you find well and good in health. Hai I'm R------ from Indonesia. I really like your smile. By the way I herd a lot of your challenging in danger sports. How come you as a Prince of Wales could do that activities? I very care about your soul. My advise is you have to carefull, ok ? Oh ya I want to visit your country anyway. I hope I can meet you..:) Ok, I will be waiting for your reply... Regards R------

  • sir , i m a poor man and want to come uk for earning employment is a big problem for me. can u help me for sake of my grandfather who was a british soldier and fought for british army and died in 2nd world war in burma. for sake of ur mother who could never see the people weeping. now can u help me plz getting me out of cricis waiting for ur reply. requestee i---- a---- from pakistan (email address i----------@hotmail.com

    Tue, 15 Jun 1999 19:15:12 +0200
    Dear William!
    Thank you very much for given us this homepage!!! I was really excited when I entered it and recognized that I was also able to give you a feedback. Immediately I decided to write you an E-mail. I only entered this page by accident today. So I was still looking for some pictures about Britain (I need them for a presentation at school) when I suddenly entered this page. What I want you to ask you is how things are going and send you a lot of greetings from Austria!!! I'm looking forward to write me back.
    Ps.: I will still remain a visitor from your page!!!

    Tue, 22 Jun 1999 14:42:54 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: sunshine and lollipops.....
    How are you? I hope everything is OK. I don't know if you're going to read this, but if you are then I just have to say that I'm proud that you are a member of the British Monarchy, and I think that you deserve a lot of respect. I'm trying not to make this another one of those "oh, I love you, I worship the ground you walk on" e-mails, so excuse me if this is a very strange and disjointed mail. I want to get to know you, so please, if possible, e-mail me back, it would really make me happy. What kind of stuff do you like to do out of school? What kind of music do you like? (I know these questions could be answered in the media, but I don't believe anything that the tabloids say, so I'd like to know straight from the horses mouth) . By the way, I'm G----, I'm 15 and I come from Farnborough, in Hampshire. I go to Cove School and I enjoy horse riding, reading, listening to music and going out with friends. Musicwise I listen to everything except manufactured boy bands. How are you finding college? What A levels did you take? Hopefully I'll be going to college next year, and I'm probably going to take English Lit, Philosophy, Chemistry and Biology. I would like to be a vet. Talking of school and college and things, I'm going to Eton on Monday, so maybe I'll see you - it's unlikely, but you never know. Anyway, I'll stop waffling now,
    Keep smiling!
    "When it is dark enough you can see the stars" - Charles A. Beard

    REPLY: G----, I don't think you read the Prince William E-Mails page properly. I am not Prince William, in fact the whole point of the page is that people mistakenly thought I was!

    Sorry, do you know where I can contact Prince William? Any help much appreciated.

    Try Buckingham Palace.

    Sun, 25 Jul 1999 21:07:02
    hello, I hope this is the right address!
    Hi William my name is T---- and i am from Vancouver Canada. I am 15. I am sure your probably think "oh joy another crazy fan"! to be honest I am! lol. But I do respect your privacy. Are you going to come back here again?? that would be cool, anyway how's Harry? he is so cute. What are you going to do now that it summer??? what-ever you choose i hope you have a nice time. Is next year your senior year at Eton?? that would be sweet. So hear i hear you just got a new car? thats spiffy! Well i hope you get my letter and are not to upset :-) See ya later
    luv, T---- of Vancouver
    p.s.my personal e-mail is The_Fairy_Queen@[removed].com if you want it :-)
    peace and cuddles, hugs and kisses xoxo

    Thu, 5 Aug 1999 18:47:19 +0530
    Hi Willam, My name is R---- and I'm seventeen years old. I am a Mauritian boy and I would like to become the your next penfiend , it was my great dream.I introduce myself, I am student and in two years I tend to come to continue my courses in Cambridge University.I have a sister,name Clarina,she is twelve years.Please could you please send me a few words today before night to make sure that you have read my email, I will please me .DON'T FORGET.
    Wishes, R----

    REPLY: Much as I would like to please you, I think you may have made a mistake � do you think I am Prince William? Sorry, I am not. Good luck with your studies and I hope you do well.

    Sun, 15 Aug 1999 17:58:50 -0700
    Message To : Harry
    Message from : C-------- in China
    Wish Will a happy vacation to Harry and a sweet birthday on Sep.15th(perhaps a little earlier!But, what a coincidence--I was born on the same day as you!
    NOTE: This young woman in Shanghai also sent two e-greetings.

    Fri, 22 Oct 1999 15:04:28 +0000
    I really hope this is HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, PRINCE WILLIAM.....
    Hey Wills!
    Remember me? I was the one that had sent you that letter with the article. I hope you would be able to visit me at school. There probably be two or three messages in the Message board at your school (sorry!) Oh my god...I can't believe I'm actually talking to you! Hey, tell Harry I say hi, and the same for your father and your grandmother. Email me for the email address for my school so that you can try to visit here. Please try and I know you are busy, but please try to email me. By the way, did you know that you and Harry was soo cute when you two were babies? Oh. I forgot...my email address may be "HRHprincessT--" but it's just an email address. So please don't freakout, okay
    Best wishes,
    your friend,

    Sat, 30 Oct 1999 16:07:33 +0100
    Subject: prince william e-mail
    Hello William. You will hopefully see this e-mail and have the urge to read it. My name is K- and I am your biggest fan in the entire Universe. I have the book all about you which was written by Valerie Garner and I always read it and cry overthe sad pictures before I go to bed. If you go to Oxford Unniversity I will hopefully see you there. ( with any luck.) If you replyed to this e-mail I would be the happiest person in the world for a few seconds, but you probrably won't so I won't get my hopes up.
    luv KT

    REPLY: You have made a mistake, I am not Prince William. I don't think you read the website properly: if you want to go to Oxford University, you need to be a lot brighter than that! Anyway, he is going to Edinburgh, everyone knows that.

    Fri, 19 Nov 1999 23:27:59 -0600
    Subject: please be real
    hey whats going on? not much here. ok i better introduce my self my name is A----- S------ I live in Iowa. hey is this really going into PRINCE WILLIAM'S e-mail box?? if not im going to stop typing now. if this is really PRINCE WILLIAM than e-mail me back at my personal e-mailaddress please. its a------@hotmail.com thanx. luv ya (= a--- =)

    REPLY: Sorry, I am not Prince William. This is the e-mail address for feedback to my website about my old (deleted) e-mail address, which people also confused with Prince William�s! Love to everyone in Iowa, especially Cedar Rapids.

    hey whats up?i found your website by going to "pince william e-mail address"on yahoo search.than i clicked on something that said e-mail. and i scrolled down to compose a letter. well sorry about the mix up.i guess i should have gotton the hit from the "will.not" my miss understanding.well better go im really sorry.

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