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All these questions have been asked more than once, some of them again and again.

The site has given me such pleasure and fun. Can I send you a couple of dollars (or my own local currency) or a small gift to show my appreciation?
How thoughtful, of course you can. Click the icon to donate by Paypal or mail to Will Not, PO Box 43476, London, England SE17 1XB.
Are you Prince William?
A thousand times no.

It is weird / wrong / deceitful / cruel that you are pretending to be Prince William. Why are you doing it?
I am not. My email address was briefly mistaken for his four years ago, which is why I got all the messages in William's in-box. For a joke, I did reply to some of those messages as if I was Prince William, and my replies are on that page. That was a little unkind, I admit. All the other messages on the site were sent by people who visited the original version of this website. They thought this was Prince William's personal website or something. I really don't know. People are weird. Read the full story.

Do you know him?
No, but here is a story. In the summer of 1991, I was walking past a very posh toy shop, Frog Hollow on St Albans Grove in Kensington -- it is now closed. A car stopped and two children ran out of the car into the shop, almost knocking me over. It was Prince William, then aged nine, and his brother. He stopped, said "Sorry", then ran into the shop.

Your replies sound just like him.
No they don't. You just think they do.

What is Prince William’s e-mail address?
Even people who "get" the site, still ask me this. Of course I don’t know his email address. Any address you find on the web is someone who is pretending to be him, or who has a similar name.

Is that you in the photos because if it is you really look like him. Who are the people in the photos?
Of course it is not me. It’s Prince William. Although there are some photos like this one and a couple on the gay page, with his head on someone else's body. I found them online and they made me laugh. All the other photos are pictures I found from image searches, except for the Easter card and the picture with the eyes blacked out in William’s in box. Those are photos people e-mailed to me, thinking I was him.

Why are there so few negative emails and messages? You must have deleted them all.
I swear I haven't. I hardly ever get negative or critical messages. The angry emails are fun to read, and they are all there. The only messages I have deleted were boring, repetitive or totally irrelevant. When I did the live chat, I had one or two very interesting chats with people about the site, and did not save the chats. I only delete messages from the guestbook and bulletin board if people write "I love you William" or something totally boring like that.

Why is there no information about you on the site? What is your name? How old are you? Are you male or female?
There is too some information about me. I live in London, I am in my thirties, I am a man. I have a job and a life. If you really want to you can visit my personal home page. I am not at all interested in Prince William. This all happened by accident. The site was a silly project when I was learning HTML. I never update it, but people do add new messages to the guestbook and buletin board.

But if you are in your 30s, how did you get mistaken for Prince William?
It was my e-mail address that was mistaken for his, not my face.

Has Prince William visited the site? He would be very offended.
I don’t know if he has visited. I expect he has. I don’t think there is anything here that he would find offensive or even surprising. I am sure his own mailbag is weirder.

Why do you hate Prince William and the Royal Family?
I don't hate them at all. Although the Duke of Edinburgh seems pretty unpleasant. I do object to the monarchy as an institution. I don’t believe anyone is inherently superior. Everyone (including Prince William) should be judged on their own merits, behaviour and achievements, not on the family or class they were born into. I am certainly against the huge privilege and deference the Royal Family has by birthright, which filters down through the rest of British society and stifles achievement and ambition in my country. As it happens, I think Prince William is a probably a well-rounded, interesting and generally admirable person, but please don’t tell anyone I said that.

Did you cry when Princess Diana died?
No, but I did lay flowers at Buckingham Palace, and I was very moved and fascinated by the reaction to her death in this country. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Why did you stop the live chat?
It was just an experiment. Very few people used it, and the offline messages were starting to annoy me.

You need to get a life.
I have one thanks. Creating the site was a one-off bit of fun a few years ago. I visit sometimes, but it just runs itself.