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I got a little cocky and, at a visitor's suggestion, submitted this site to a Prince William webring. Unfortunately, when the owner of the webring came to visit, she saw her own e-mail to William. She was a little upset... As it happens, I picked up her e-mail in a cybercafe in Mumbai, India, which someone made the whole thing even stranger.

Sat, 1 May 1999 01:12:52 -0000
I just felt the need to email you and let you know that I am the owner of the Prince William Webring and I am the one who rejected your application to it. I only did so because I cannot believe that you pretended to be William on that email address you had. I was one of the people that you made a fool of except that both of my messages were very skeptical and after one of mine you advised your server to cancel your account. This is one of the lowest things anyone has done in a long time concerning the royal family. Do you know how many young girls you made believe that they were actually getting answers from William himself. You should be ashamed of yourself. I let everyone on the list that I belong to know what you have done and what a phoney you are. You probably won't be allowed to join any rings or lists or whatever by the time I get through with you. I will tell everyone I know what you did and I am sure when I let your server know you will probably be rejected by them also. This service is not for fraudulent people like yourself so they can get a good laugh at someone else's expense. If I could tell William myself that you used him for this I would and I will be in England this summer and if just by chance I get to meet him I WILL tell him about you. It may not mean anything to him, but I will get much satifaction by making you look like a total FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is exactly what YOU are. Just know that my two messages are the ones signed "K---- H. and I have the whole page printed out to pass along to other people so that you don't stand a chance on the internet.
No Threats, just Promises

Wow, I am sorry you were so upset. Believe it or not, someone who has a very good Prince William fan page sent me a message, telling me I should submit it to your web-ring! Boy, I guess THEY must have a very warped sense of humour. Touche.
Believe me, cross my heart, I am not running scams all over the internet, breaking hearts, or anything! There are enough horrible people doing that kind of thing.
Maybe it will not mean anything to you, but I certainly did not set out to make fun of anyone. It was a total accident when it started, and the messages people sent me were very nice and people were just friendly and kind. I just found it totally fascinating that people were finding the address and writing to someone who was a stranger to them. In fact, most people who got the reply didn't write back a second time because they knew, like you, that this was not, and never could be in a million years, Prince William's e-mail address.
I have had many messages from fans of Prince William saying they found the site interesting and touching, and asking for links from their own Prince William fan sites. I am very sorry that you have taken such offense and you have made me think. I doubt whether this message will make you think again, but I hope so.
I wish you a good trip to England: it is a wonderful country.

[no reply!]

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