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These are all the e-mails I received in Spring of 1999, sent to the account that I had opened as "HRH Prince William". I was astonished to see that people had found the address, and sent mail. I have removed the sender's name and e-mail address. My replies, and some comments, are in italics. The pictures here are mostly just pictures I found by surfing, except for the Easter card and the photo sent by my final correspondent.

15 Feb 1999 15:40:08
Hello, how are you??? I have so much to tell you. I know you probably wont ever read this, but I think you are so cool and I really admire you. not just because you are cute ,but your personality and your kind at heart. I wish i could get to know you more and be able to talk to you ,but I cant. I never really thought i would ever fall in love with a prince i thought that was really only in fariey tales that a prince would fall in love with somone that wasnt in the royalty. Somtimes i wish you could one day bump into me and fall in love with me. I know this is crazy, but I really like you and that will never go away and its so hard for me cause I know you will probably never get to read this and I will never get to share my feelings about you and I dont want that to happen.

STANDARD REPLY TO ALL MESSAGES: Thank-you for your e-mail. I am sorry that this is a standard reply, but I hope it is better than no reply at all. I do read my e-mails, and reply when I have the chance. You can keep in touch with the Royal Family's activities via the British Monarchy website at Regards, William.

18 Feb 1999 23:34:07
Hello. I was so excited to get your message. WOW. So how are you? I am fine, but a little bit soar. I just got back from snowboarding. Right now I am learning how to do jumps and it is very hard. In the other letter I really never had a chance to tell you what I looked like or what my favorite hobbies and sports are. Well I have brown hair, brown eyes, I am about 5 foot 3 and I weight like 110. I love to snowboard, play base ball (even though I am not good at it), I love to play tennis and I majorly love to play soccer. My hobbies are singing, acting, playing the piano and dancing. Well I got to go..... but please stay in touch.
Your friend, M (snow bunny)

19 Feb 1999 16:37:05
Hello. I talked to one of your friends and she said that you didnt write me back it was someone else. I am not going to tell you what her name is unless you REALLY write back. All I can tell you is she goes to Flintshire High in West London and she knows you really well. So please write back (isnt that the princes job???)Well gotz to go... Your friend

COMMENT: I checked this School in the London phone-book, and there was no such place.

17 Feb 1999 01:54:38
I hope this e-mail finds you well and in good health. I am an American in Colorado who cares deeply about the Royal Family. I hope that school is going well for you, and am interested in finding out if you are excelling in sports. Do you enjoy ice hockey? I believe you are an outdoorsman and wondered how being surrounded by nature affects you.
Thank you for your time.

REPLY: Ice hockey is not as popular here as it is in the USA and Canada. I saw a game when I was in Canada last year: it was fun, but very violent! My family are lucky enough to have use of some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, and I spend as much time as I can there.

19 Feb 1999 16:44:28
I do understand that HRH Prince William of Wales is quite a busy man. But if he could just take a moment of his precious time to read this, It would be much appreciated. I do know that almost anyone can get an england e-mail address and that almost anyone can impersionate him. I am not accussing you of this, just asking if you are the real Prince. My name is J------. I hope to get a response from you, if not I understand. Thank you so much. yours truly,

22 Feb 1999 17:22:48
Red Rose for a Rose [this was a link to an on-line greetings card] for his royal highness, Prince William
-Miss SS
please email me

REPLY: Thankyou very much.

23 Feb 1999 16:47:26
Youur quite welcome, but that was my friend who sent it. She was just checking up to see if you the address was working.

23 Feb 1999 16:54:14

Hello WIlliam!!!
I know you don't reply to your e-mails, but i just have a question to ask that i need the answer for.
My friend told me that her sister is going to Cambridge during the summer. It is sort of a prep for college you could say. She read in the pamphlit that HRH Prince William was going to this same program during the summer. I was just wondering if this is true...I just did a simple yes or no, not really any excertive writing! Thanks a bunch!
Yours truly,
J------ T-------

REPLY: No! I do enjoy school most of the time, but I have other plans for the summer.

27 Feb 1999 08:43:29
[An e-mail from a French address, with the subject "Where am I?", but no text in the message]
REPLY: Je ne sais pas. Ou etes-vous?

1 Mar 1999 19:59:04
Je me demandais?????? à quoi correspondait cette e-mail??????
Et je ne m'attendais pas à avoir une réponse en français???????
D'autant que j'en ai déjà reçu une en anglais??????
C'est X-files ou quoi?????
Merci d'avoir répondu, c'est gentil.

TRANSLATION: I am asking myself ???????? what was that e-mail all about??????????
And I was not expecting a reply in French???????
Especially when I had already received one in English??????
Is this the X-Files or what?????
Thanks for your reply, that's kind of you.

28 Feb 1999 11:06:31
I was just writing to say hello! I would just like to say, I am happy to see in the news that William and Harry are doing better. I was so worried about them after Diana's death and how much they must miss her I certainly do so it must be just awful for her boys
Best wishes

1 Mar 1999 16:22:15
Okie Dokie! Well, thank you very much for the reply. I know your busy. Anyways, I wish you well, so hows school going for you?

7 Mar 1999 00:27:30
Hey. I just want to say you are really cute and i have admired you for a long time...

[Hang on, maybe that one was for me, not William]

9 Mar 1999 19:28:03
Hey. I know you really don't know me but I was a huge admirer of your mom and if you ever need anyone to talk to just write me back.

18 Mar 1999 15:55:43
Thanks for writing me back. If you do read this just keep in mind that I will chat with you if there ever is anything you want to talk about. I lost my mom too..not exactly the same way but I know how you feel.
L------ age 16

[Sincere friendly messages like this were making me feel bad, and I thought it might be time to close this address down. But I just couldn't resist a bit longer....]

13 Mar 1999 14:11:53
Dear William,
I am terribly sorry for bothering you again. I understand that you have a mail account where I can contact you. But, I was wondering...does your brother Henry have one? I would love to contact him sometime, and there’s no possible way. I was wondering if it would be something like, [guesses]. If you could give me his address, it would much appreciated. Thank you.

15 Mar 1999 19:32:15
Hello William...This is J------ B------. I have recently talked to your brother, but I have not heard from you in quite a bit. I had recieved an e-mail from a friend that had told me this is your new e-mail address. Do you still have AOL? I know your father was a bit skeptical in letting you have it. I am not sure if this is Prince William's e-mail address. I truly doubt it, if it is, then call me! You do know my number William. Goodbye!

[This one was a bit alarming. Minutes later, the same person sent this response to the automatic reply]

15 Mar 1999 19:35
So this is William? Why didn't he tell me he changed his mailing address?

Now this guy should really have known better...

16 Mar 1999 17:06:12
Organization: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Dear Prince William
Hi and greetings from Australia.
I came across this address by accident and thought I would send you an email.
I would just like to say hello and ask how things are going. We were all very upset about your mothers untimely death, please accept our deepest sympathies. We did sign the condolence books that were available at The British Consulate as a small gesture to you and the rest of the family. If you do get the chance please say hello to your father and mention that I am a great fan of The Goons ( obviously that's a bit before your time, but he will understand ) as well. If possible could you supply me with his email, so I can tell him myself, but that would be asking quite a bit.
I know that this is quite against protocol ( but then, us Aussies are not very big on protocol ) but would it be at all possible to obtain an autograph, or autographed photo or even a note or letter.
I'm aware that Royals ( if you pardon the generic term ) do not normally sign autographs but I was hoping that you could oblige. ( I have seen your grandmothers around a few places, she has a habit of coming down here and opening things ).
All the very best wishes for the future.
Thank you and regards
J--- N-----

REPLY: Thankyou for your message and best wishes to my family. I am afraid that the standard reply is that the Royal Family only exchange signed photographs with personal friends and other Heads of State. If I come to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, I will sign the visitors' book, OK?

[And, oh Lordy, he wrote right back...]

18 Mar 1999 17:15:40
Dear William,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I am not sure that this is a personal response from Prince William directly, and I would guess not, but I will assume that it is and reply accordingly.
I quite understand about the restrictions on autographs and it is very understandable, as I am an autograph collector myself and one of yours would be an unbelievable addition to any collection.
I had the chance just recently to get the autographs of the English Cricket team down here, posed with Alec Stewart and Darren Gough, but then again you could do that anytime.
The remarks about your Family are from the heart as you and your Family are thought of very often Down Under.
If you do get the chance mention to your father that I am a fellow Goons fan and would be honoured to talk to him directly, and give him my email [gives email address].
I am surprised that you picked up the cba in my email address stood for Commonwealth Bank ?
Thanks again for your reply, all the best for the future to you and your family.
J--- N----.

22 Mar 1999 16:55:56
Thanks very much for the answer. Could you tell me how could I write to Harry?

29 Mar 1999 11:56:24
It is good to hear from you(!).I am glad that you are glad!I have heard that your french is pretty good:Tell me something in french because I'm french and I want to hear from you....(I won't hear your accent but anyway....)If you want to reply,my new address is for some security reasons.....Regards,

4 Apr 1999 15:42:32
Hello Prince William
You are the recipient of a Hallmark Electronic Greeting created especially for you by J-------- M W----.
If requested, your password is: Prince
Your Greeting Identifier is: 11143236
We hope you enjoy your Hallmark electronic greeting. You can send a message to J-------- M W---- by clicking "reply" with this email.
REPLY: Thankyou very much for the card.
NOTE: I cannot figure out how to remove the sender's name from the card, so sadly you cannot see it. But I did get another Easter card...

3 Apr 1999 11:47:00
[This was a horrible cutesy musical animated Easter card. I had had enough, and sent the e-mail provider instructions to close the account, but they kept coming]

4 Apr 1999 14:27
Hello I am glad that you liked your card. It is alright if you dont answer me right away. Have a wonderful day Your Friend S------

5 Apr 1999 23:17:55
At the end,I have found your e-mail address.I just wanted to let you know that I am not able to assist at the christening service and that I will catch you later in the Foyer at Claridge's.Till then,take care.
I'll try to reach you by phone at Manor House.

REPLY: Do you have the right person?

COMMENT: OK, that was a rather feeble reply, but I was spooked. According to the newspapers, Prince William was indeed about to become godfather to Prince Konstantine Alexios (left), whose parents are the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece. And the reception WAS at Claridges!

5 Apr 1999 21:04:00
Is this really Prince William?? If not, sorry I wasted your time.

7 Apr 1999 17:48:17
Hi There,
Someone gave me this email address and said that it was yours, Prince William. I am so nervous about writing this especially if it really is you. I have never written to a Prince before and there are a ton of things I would like to write about, but I don't know how to be really sure this is really you I am writing to. If this isn't you or your email address then whoever is doing this is not a very nice person and should be ashamed of themselves for posing as the Prince and letting people think they are really getting in touch with him, but I sure do hope it is you, William.
Yours Sincerely,
K---- H.

MESSAGE TO E-MAIL PROVIDER: Could you PLEASE close this account. Thanks.

7 Apr 1999 22:35:59
I really wish there was a way to know whether this is someone's idea of a joke or if these messages will at some point reach Prince William. I can be very skepitcal at times because I don't like people being taken advantage of including myself. We will all feel pretty silly if we find out this is someone not even remotely connected to the Prince himself. Do you have any way of proving that we are writing to William? If you do please let me know.
Yours Sincerely,
K---- H.

The sender of these two messages above turned out to be the owner of the Prince William Webring, which I foolishly applied to join... When she visited this site to check it out for her Webring, she saw her message and was a little upset, to say the least. I was busted!.

7 Apr 1999 21:55:42
Hello William,
How are you doing? I hope you had a nice easter. I have not talked to you in a while, so I thought i'd e-mail you to see how things were. I have also enclosed my photo.

7 Apr 1999 21:59:42
Standered Reply? Oiy Vey!

You can say that again. That was the last message. After six weeks, finally closed the e-mail account for me, but before it vanished, I saved the e-mails and published them on a simple web-page. I opened another account (in my own name) for readers to send feedback. The next section includes some of the many messages from readers. Astonishingly, some people visited the site, then still decided to send an e-mail for William! What are they thinking?