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Will Not

Send me a sovereign for the Will Not fish and chips fund. Hey, even Buckingham Palace has an entrance fee.

  • "Absolutely HILARIOUS. It's got to have won some sort of award..."   Kate, Houston, Texas
  • "Brilliant site. Teaches us to try to control our own overly hopeful minds."   Lynzie, USA
  • "Guaranteed to make you re-think writing fan letters once you read them from the other end"   seventeen.com
  • "This is a fantastic site. I am sure William would be amused by it. I laughed for ages."   Bluebell, England
  • "A marvellous job of depicting the innermost embarassing human sentiments."   Maggy, UK
  • "Amazing site, totally spontaneous and original ... alternately sad and touching"   Nick, Nottingham, UK
  • "Bloody hilarious ... fascinating insight into adolescent fantasy"   Elaine, Oldham, UK
  • "One of the funniest sites I've ever seen ... pure bloody genius!"   Jay, Eton pupil
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