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I first offered to chat live with visitors in July 2000. I had taken my e-mail address off the site that Spring, and people seemed to have stopped leaving messages for Prince William in my guestbook. Had the penny finally dropped?

When I was offline, people could leave messages and I sent back flippant replies. I genuinely intended to chat with visitors about the site, but inevitably, I ended up with a new (fourth? fifth?) generation of emails for William.

I consider it my duty to share with you here some of the chats and offline messages, and my often exasperated responses. I have not included the few sensible and interesting chats I had with visitors, and deleted many many boring or silly messages that were almost identical to the tripe you can read in William's inbox and the feedback.

31 March 2001 03:21:00
Please let me be you're pretty princess. I can ride a horse! But my parents say you're too old but just by 11 years.
REPLY: Are Fisher Price making computers now?

22 March 2001 10:55:00
Me: Hello, good morning
Visitor: would you be so kind as to accompany me to my matric farewell ball (Yr 12) in May in South Africa. I know this is an unusual request but it would do me a great honour
Visitor: hello will.not
Me: Will you pay for my flight?
Visitor: The request is for Prince William of course
Visitor: He can fly SAA as my dad Is crew
Me: Oh, that's a shame, I thought you were inviting me. Write to him at Buckingham Palace, London, England.
Visitor: thanks is that the full address? sorry to disappoint you
Me: Yes. And sorry to disappoint you too.

18 March 2001 02:05:11
i like to be harsh with you
i have mailed about 20 times to you
and i too send a letter to you
you dont beleive me if i say i like to be your true friend of you and not your fan
i know what is happening in the
mailing things and chat
you described that if you type me
me a massage you should wait because
you may take some tea [my offline message said "leave a message, I am probably having a cup of tea"]
i will receive the letter
that is not written by you
hey you also a human think that and respond to others mail truely and
dont fool them
because GOD knows every thing man
if i hurted you in some way or another sorry wills
i hope some day ,
we will meet each other AS A FRIEND
REPLY: This message is extremely insolent. I have not received any other messages from you, let alone 20. You are very rude.

04 February 2001 21:45:28
Please Send Me Some Infermation On Wales.I Hope I will See you soon.For a Visit.
From P---
REPLY: What am I, Tourist Information?

26 January 2001 02:48:34
Hi Prince William.....Can I be your friend ??? :)
REPLY: Thankyou, but I have enough friends. How about some meaningless hot sex?

25 January 2001 10:36:19
Me: Hello, good morning
Visitor: hello
Me: You have a .fr address. Are you in France?
Visitor: yes, my name is virginie et erika
Me: And what can I do for you today?
Visitor: at school
Me: Do you want to ask me something?
Visitor: yes, i want to speak you
Me: What about?
Visitor: prince william
Me: About sex?
Me: No French, sorry.
will.not: Bog off.

23 January 2001 12:25:56
hello, your royal highness! i'm m------- from israel.
you have no idea how much efforts i made to just to find your (i hope) official site.
someone told me that this is not realy you.
i hope, i realy hope that they are wrong.
i want to have a chat (anytime) with you.
maybe to have your e-mail address.
can you tell me where can i find it?
hope you'll answer me as fast as can be.
REPLY: Woman, do you really think Prince William's official site would have a pic of him in his pants?

31 December 2000
Allo! well, my name is k----- and i'm from the United States. well, i was just curious,,, What's it like to live in England? Is it cool out there? It's been my life long dream to move to either Essex or Stoke-on-Trent. (Oh, and also, i didn't really read through this site yet, so sorry if this sounds a bit mental!)but, are you the guy that is supposedly "Will's secret bro?"it doesnt really matter if you dont want to anwser that, i was just curious! Thanxz!well, id better run, please respond as soon as is possible! love ya!, K-----
REPLY: As far as I know, I am not Prince William's secret brother, though I do seem to be mistaken for him quite often. Essex and Stoke-on-Trent? Nice that you have set your ambitions quite low! Happy New Year.

30 December 2000
I am not Egyptian though I wish i were to delve into deep pyramids, aviod treturous traps and find magicla artefacts from the relm of the great kings.
Look I know this is not you and just a fan because you hate all this publicity, but you do not mind be ing a heart-throb sometimes! Well I am a girl who could never be in love with you because I have never met you! Besides this girls heart you just can't have! I think it does not matter what you look like on the outside but when I talk to a person I look into their eyes, straight to the heart to see what is there, that is what I call knowing a person.(Do not worry i am not a ugly person, i am smart but want to be know for my intelgence as well as looks)
[but not her spelling and grammar, apparently.]   I just hope you lead a good life, you may be wealthy, but you are not the happiest person in the world. Am i right? You crave for freedom, but will never recieve it, whilst you are a prisoner of yourself. To be free escape yourself. your sincerly
A 15 year old girl, who wants to set you free.........
REPLY: You have made a foolish mistake, do not write again.

28 December 2000
It is me C------ you remember (kidding trying to get a unique intro) But how are you. Tell me what did surprise you the most this last year about yourself in connection with ........ yourself don't know if this is to personal???? is it. I hope you do well and your brother as well and your dad. It is funny what adventures internet can bring you. Now you have won the chance of a lifetime..... you can chat with me!!!!! Congratulations
X from me C------ ( i am 29 do not worry)
REPLY: But I DO worry. At 29 you really should know better.

17 December 2000
prince william
hi iam k--- h----- and i live in republic missouri in the states.i have sexual fantacies about you!!!!!!!!!
height 5'10 lbs 132 blonde hair brown eyes
i enjoy taekwondo kickboxing and dancing
iam 16 years old
you can e-mail me back at k-----------@hotmail.com me and my boyfriend are on a break right now so if you want to come to missouri for some action give me a ring!!! at 417 732 ---- gotta jet!!!!!!!!!! your fantacy k--- h-----
REPLY: Thanks for the offer, but get a grip, girl! Please think before sending your phone number to someone you do not know. By the way, I am not Prince William.

9 Dec 2000 17:39:58 -0-500
I left u a message but I guess that u might want to know a little about me. Im from The usa right now it sucks becuase all gore is fighting over if they counted all the votes in florida. I think they should But I dont want to get into that. I play soccer,horsback ride, and hang with friends Im also in somthing called rainbow girls its like girl scouts but its related to the masions and it a has memorization work to do. Sombody in your family would know about it. Im in middle school and somtimes rouomrs dont make sence. Somtimes I think people belive the press too nuch u have to get it trough your head like my social studdies teacher"it's second hand information." well You better go check all your other e-mails. wrie ya later,p----
REPLY: I am sure the Duke of Edinburgh knows all about it. You scare me.

04 December 2000
Hi William-
My name is B----- S-- P-------, I', 17 years old, and an American girl, I admired your mum very much, she was a very special lady. I hope someday I can give you a big hug and tell you I'm sorry for all of the pain you've been through. I hope you get this short note, and have a great day.
B----- S-- P-------. P.S. I'd like to be an actress someday, so just maybe we might meet in the future. :D
REPLY: Sorry you have got the wrong person. Good luck with acting, but I don't think that means you are any more likely to meet Prince William, sorry.

3 December 2000
Through manys roads a lone heart wanders,
Pressures and lies often follow,
But throuhg the fog a bright light shines,
The love of one, a place to hide,
So when your feeling lost and alone,
Reach inside and that love will find a home.
REPLY: Oh, please!

3 December 2000
Hello Williams,My name is S-------- [male] from Argentina,you are a perfect person like your mother Diana. I don not what to say,but please write to me soon.
Pd.i like tennis,running and Gym Bye,see u and good luck!!!
REPLY: Please send a photograph of you at the gym with no shirt and some little tight shorts. Thanks.

14 October 2000 17:51
I am glad to hear that you and your family are able to stay together during the hard times of your mother's passing.
I understand how difficult it is as my parents are both on a higher plane. I do miss them dearly but, like you, they are always with you no matter what the situation. Your mother is with you and your brother always.
Remember to always keep that warm smile on your face and in your heart. You really are your mother's son.
Take care,
J------- A-------
Eau Claire, WI
REPLY: That's a nice message, but I am sorry you have the wrong person.

2 October 2000 23:45
Hi William, I heard that you go to yahoo chat? If you're look for me at Juliet_needing_her_Romeo_love
REPLY: Forget it. 27 September 2000 10:45
Ok, this is so strange!! I dont know who i am leaving this message 4, but you never know who is going to read it so i will say all......
I am NOT one if thoes nut-cases who says i am in love with William (Bill Ha Ha Ha) but i do think he is one of the most amazing people (what I know of him anyway). And the fact he is a prince has NOTHING to do with it i can just tell, he is an exeptional human and i only hope i end up with somone like him!!!! (SORRY!I no what your thinking pass the bucket!!) Ok i have 2 go and get ready 4 work now!!!!!! Love A-- xxx p.s Please mail back!!
REPLY: Pass the bucket.

24 September 2000 21:51
I was just wondering Prince William if you knew a girl named Tabitha Lane. If so please give me a responds back. She is a good friend of mine and I go to school with her
REPLY: Yes, I know her. She is a bitch and she still owes me 20.

24 September 2000 10:23
you KNOW anarchy is the way to go.
willy boy is so overrated. what a tosser.
REPLY: You say potato...

16 September 2000 11:46
To tell the truth I'm not a big fan. I'm just learning how to type really fast and also I'm so bored. Do you get bored? I guess not "stupid question", you can never be bored living in the palace and all. ... No offence but I think England is a really boring place.I've been there 2 or 3 times and I was really bored.Well, I have to go now,besides I know you are not going ro read this. Stay cool and blessed.
REPLY: Zelda Fitzgerald said she was never bored because she was never boring. If you have visited England three times, and were bored, then it is you who are boring, sweetie.

8 Sep 2000 21:07
I am a Chinese,in China,Wills is not so popular as in other countries,but I am still like him. Thank you very much for your website,it let me know William is deeply loved by hundreds and thousands of people.I am grateful. And thanks for hearing me.
REPLY: You are welcome. China rocks.

Mon,4 Sep 2000 17:23
Hi, your Royal Hiness, this is Sir Jonathan, I hope you can remember me from the state dinner you attended at the Covington Mansion last spring, but I introduced you to Lady Helena, my second cousin on my father's side if you do, please call me at the British Embassy in Washington, DC...
Sincerly, Sir Jonathan L.
REPLY: Tell me more. [He didn't]

Thu, 31 Aug 2000 02:27:22
REPLY: Is that you, Uncle Edward?.

Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:54:
Although I'm only eleven, just about to start secondary @ King Edward VII & Queen Mary Lytham St Annes,I admire you greatly why:for all the publicity you have you cope well and doing great in your A levels I wish you the very greatest hope in the future. luv H-----( the end of my E-mail is hotmail .com!) P.s.
REPLY: You are 11 so I forgive you for being so silly.

Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:37
I don't understand this page.Could you e-mail me,please

Fri, 4 Aug 2000 17:58
does william have a public address? on this show true hollwood story they say he has one and britney spears emailed him but he didn't reply advisors did. i just thought this would be easier to find it here. they also said that he chats on yahoo but under a fake name. if you know the addy please tell me. thanks
REPLY: Why would I know any of this??

Thu, 3 Aug 2000 14:48
If this Williams I would be intterested of daten you in December the 15 I will be 13 my birthday is December 15,1987
REPLY: Sorry, we could not legally have sex so I must decline your kind offer.

Sat, 29 Jul 2000 13:30
Dear Will, Just want to let you know how much I admire you. I think you will make a great King someday. I have some russian royal blood in me form my great great grandfather on my moms side of the family. I am distantly related to the romanovs and some of the first Czars in Russia. Hope all that you do is blessed by God, and that you keep the monarchy going with lots of little Williams! ha,ha. - Regards, J---- J--- A---.
REPLY: So you want a little bit of royalty in you, eh baby?

Thu, 27 Jul 2000 15:19
hi email me some time we can chat!! I am from Reading
REPLY: How awful for you.